Software Testing and Quality Assurance Consulting Services

Creating best software involves planning, analysis, design, coding or implementation, testing and maintenance. All these, we call it as SDLC (software development life cycle), as it is the step by step growth process of the software. We can see the overview of what happens in every stage of SDLC

  1. Planning – requirements from the customers are gathered in this stage.
  2. Analysis – thegathered requirements are analyzed and how they can be achieved
    are discussed in this level.
  3. Design – customer specified requirements are designed using flowcharts,
    algorithms, data-flow diagram to determine the functionality of the application.
  4. Coding – designs are developed by software developers using system
    understandable high level language.
  5. Testing – thedeveloped software is integrated and tested by proving various
    input to validate the product.
  6. Maintenance – future updates and maintaining the software is done in this stage.

Software Testing

Software that is developed by the developers is not the end product that will reach the customer. It is also not the correct and complete software; they may have few errors and defects. Developers, they check if the code is executed without any bugsand correct the coding errors, if any found by them. Apart from code errors there can be logical errors, misplacement of text, wrong design, incorrect output, etc.

A good team of tester does the next level of work after the development is completed. They’ll check if the software achieves the customer specified requirement by feeding random inputs and verifies the final output to provide quality product to the customer. Testing can be done in two ways manual and automation testing. Manual is a dedicated tester will do the testing by manually entering various inputs and verifies the output. In many cases, we cannot handle program that need larger inputs values, as it may lead to human errors. Automation testing is done with the help of testing tools. Separate software/program is used to test the application. There are several automation tools available.

We, in our KnowledgeShine Consultancy have good team of testers that can handle well with any software application and provide the customers quality products/software that meet their requirements and expectation each and every time. Our test engineersdesign their test cases and test scenarios by understanding the requirements specified by the clients to give them quality assured products/software.Inour KnowledgeShine Consultancy, we use automation tools like Eclipse, Selenium, Jenkins, Jira and Appium.
We are offering the following types of testing services to provide effective performance and quality assurance for the application/software. The different testing types are:

  1. UI (user interface) Testing Services.
  2. Mobile App Testing Services.
  3. Functional Testing Services.
  4. Integration Testing Services.
  5. Localization Testing Services.
  6. Regression Testing Services.
  7. Performance Testing Services.
  8. Responsive website Testing Services.

1. User Interface Testing Services

User interface (UI) testing is done to verify if the developed application is presented as specified by the customer, and how the user interacts with the system. Each and every aspect like button, menu, dialog boxes, scrolling text, images, color of the image, size of the image, how the text entered, what is the output it displays, screen, color of the screen and how it displays, etc. Also, it is important to test if the texts are understandable to the target audience.

2. Mobile App Testing Services

It is a testing process that is used to test the application developed for the mobile devices such as iPhones, iPad, tablets, e-readers, etc. three types of mobile apps can be created.

a) Native Apps: Application created for specific mobile platform.

b) Mobile web apps:Server side apps/websites that can be accessed through browsers
like IE, Chrome, FireFox, etc.

c) Hybrid Apps:Combination of the above two. They are developed by using CSS and HTML5 web technologies can be run both online/offline.

Mobile App testing is tedious as it involves testing hardware configurations, type of the mobile device, operating system, screen size, etc. as needed by the customer requirement.

3. Functional Testing Services

It is the most important and mandatory in testing level process. The entire software is split into several functions and it is tested independently. An input is provided to the system to check if it delivers the correct and needed output.

Our team very well understands the customer requirement and develops the test cases to check how the application/system:

a)   respondsto an input

b)   calculation are performed for the given input

c)   verifies the output

d)   react to an erroneous input

e)   stores the given data in the backend

We can test database, U I (user interface), API (application program interface), security, functionality and client/server application using functional testing.It can be done either manually or using automation testing tools.

4. Integration Testing Services

Program that are split into different units (small executable programs) in unit testing level are combined together to form a build (software that is named before completing the testing process). This build is tested to check complete and correctness of the interconnected program. Integration testing can also be used when some of the modules are still not completed by replacing them with temporary programs called stub or driver.

There are four ways of doing integration testing, namely:

I. Top-down approach-main module or unit is tested and is connected with sub-modules.

II. Bottom-up approach- sub modules are tested first and connected with the main module.

III. Hybrid approach- it is the combination of above two approaches.

IV. System approach- it can be done when all the modules are complete and ready.

5. Localization Testing Services

Software can be developed in any language. Converting the already developed software to a specific language that fits the specific audience is called localization testing. It not only needs to check how well the program code is translated to the local language, but also needs to test the GUI and functionality of the program.

6. Regression Testing Services

When a new functionality is added or some modification is done on the old functionality, then we do this regression testing, to make sure the applied change is not creating any defect on the application/system. Usually, it is done in automation as the testing is done on the already tested build to avoid the time consuming process when it is manually tested.

7. Performance Testing Services

It is a non-functionality test type. Performance testing is done to validate the performance of the application that is specified by the customer. It can be divided into two:

a) Load testing

It is done by testing the build under customer requested load and configuration. Load means the number of concurrent user works with the application at the same time.

b) Stress testing

It is done by testing the build beyond the customer requested load to determine the stability of the application. The main goal of this test is to check how well the application handles the errors under heavy loadand to ensure that the software should not crash with insufficient memory space.

8. Responsive WebsiteTesting Services

Applications that are developed using RWD (responsive website design) adapt their resolution, that is, view of content and images to their respective device’s screen size. Websites that are created by RWD method can be viewed in desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, iPad, etc.

Testing the RWD website’s URL is responsive website testing. It can be done by writing test cases to test the browser resizing element to check if it changes to the respective screen resolution. Some browsers provide ‘Emulator’ a software program that will change the features of the webpage to the desired screen and environment.


Reach us, Knowledge Shine Consultancy for any of your needs and queries about testing services, our team can handle your project with best care and knowledge to provide quality and effective products to the end user/customer.