Colors Effect on Humans and Its Psychology


Influence of colors

Color psychology is a branch of behavioural psychology that explains how colors have an effect on human behaviour. Colors play a major role in human psychology.

When you see a color, it actually has an effect on our brain that can either enhance or diminish our emotion and reactions. Scientifically, colors when seen through eyes, communicates with hypothalamus a region on brain, which in turn send signals to pituitary gland, endocrine system, and then to the thyroid glands. Then hormones are released from the thyroid gland that affects the human behaviour. Colors can give positive and negative feel to humans.

Colors in Web Design

Designing a web page should satisfy many factors like look and feel of the web page, the content of the web page, background, graphics, logos, the navigation and buttons on the page. I have specified the look and feel of the web page as the first and foremost point here, as it grabs the attention of the reader or the user. The visitor views your page only for few seconds, if it is not appealing to his or her eyes; there are chances you might lose the visitor.

Colors play a major role in achieving the attention. It is similar to how we humans dress up to look better and gain attention of others; we should use colors that should match our web page and to grab the attention of the user.

There are several types of websites like blog, corporate, e-commerce, gaming, gambling, information sharing, media sharing, news, government website and many more (you can view the different types of websites here). Websites either sell products online, or they want to share information to the visitors. Both, selling and sharing want their visitors to come back and visit their webpage again.

As, internet being a visual medium, people are attracted by what they see on their screens. In a journal article, it is said that, about 62-90 percent of the website assessment is based on the colors and it takes only 90 seconds for people to take decision on products or websites.

Areas to be Colored

We discussed the importance of colors in web design, and now the question is where the colors to be applied on the web pages? The following are the area that can make a difference and when using colors are borders, buttons, pop-ups, headlines, background hues, web banners and graphics.

Choose Your Color

Every color has its own effect on human. You must select your color based on the target audience and the content of the web page. Some colors have cultural influence on people.

We all know red color symbolizes love, but in Russia it is the color of communism. In Western culture, white is purity; but it resembles death in some European countries. Yellow is considered sacred in China, jealousy in France; and in Greece it resembles sadness.

Basic properties of Colors

We can now see some basic colors and the impression they bring on humans. The combination of these can work wonders on your website.

Red increases the pulse rate of the heart and breathing. Thus making it an emotionally intense and dominant color.

BlueHigh quality

It is the color of sky and ocean. Its soothing property affects us mentally and stimulates calm and clear thoughts. No wonder, it is one of the most favorite colors of many of us.


It is the nature’s color and has a soothing effect on eyes. It calms the head and heart and act as the balancer of emotions.

It the strongest color and helps in creating new ideas of doing things as it enhances concentration.

It is a positive color that gives soothing and warm emotion. It is the color of hope and is one of the women’s favorite colors.


It is the color of royalty and richness. It also relates to spirituality and imagination. It contributes mental stability.


It is the color of purity and hygiene. It is a popular color in fashion as it goes well with other colors.
It is the color of power. It is also a most popular color in glamor industries. Scientifically, it is said that black absorbs all the energies.

It gives emotional strength and help to regain from grief. It is an optimistic color and lifts our mood instantly.
Lack of confidence

It is a neutral color and will not affect human emotion. It will never be the center of attraction.

The color of earth and it relate to quality, simplicity, physical comfort. It is one in men’s favorite color.

In the above table, we have seen the color and their properties along with the emotion they bring in humans. We will now see few famous websites and how the colors are used on them to make them popular.

1. Vodafone & Airtel – Red and White

Vodafone and Airtel are most popular mobile networks in India. Both have their website in the red and white. Red is for excitement and strength and white color shows the happiness and simplicity. The logo and the heading lines are in red color, which makes them appear more vibrant in the white background.

Influence of colors - Red-Vodafone

There are also purple, light blue and green colors in Vodafone, which makes it more appealing on the white background. Whereas Airtel is simple and professional with only two colors being used on their website.

Influence of color- Red- Airtel

2. Twitter –Blue, green and white

Twitter is a worldwide social networking media as everyone knows. I am sure everyone who wants to stay connected with friend and share information would definitely have a twitter account. No wonder the website used blue and green color as the header and light blue as its background. Blue is the favorite color to many of us and green along with blue give a calm effect to the eyes.

Influence of colors - blue - Twitter

3. Plant with purpose- Green and white

Plant with purpose is a Christian NGO that works for afforestation (planting trees) and poverty by transforming the rural people lives around the world. The website uses green color for the text and in logo as the color symbolizes the nature. Green text in the white background is appealing and they did not use the green that is hurting to the eyes.  The pictures in the website also had green background with lots of trees and plant which is apt for the purpose of the website.

Influence of Colors - Plant with purpose

4. Barbie- Pink, Blue, White and Purple.

Every girl, when she was a kid would surely have held the Barbie doll on her hands. It is still a craze for girls. (I still remember the days fighting for the Barbie, with my sister. Then we decided to take turns to have the doll, one day it’s hers and the next it’ll be mine. I still have it with me). Now, let’s discuss the website. Barbie doll is created to attract the girl kids. As many girls and women’s have an attraction towards pale pink, the site color is chosen to solve the purpose. The other colors blue, yellow and purple add a touch to the pink background.

Influence of colors Barbie
Influence of colors - Barbie

5. Joyalukkas – White, Grey and Red

The home page of the website is very attractive with multiple moving banners and colors.

Influence of colors Joyalukas

The products page is designed with red, blue and white. The jewelry is displayed on the white background in the blue background webpage, which is soothing to the eyes. The red color header with white text matched with the grey background perfectly.

Influence of colors Joyalukas-2

6. Fanta – orange, white and blue.

Fanta is a fruit flavored soft drink manufactured by the Coca Cola Company. Orange color symbolizes fun, boldness and energy. The mantra of the soft drink is to have fun and enjoy with Fanta, which is exactly achieved in selecting the orange and white color. The logo has orange background with Fanta in blue text on it, and also has a green leaf that resembles an orange, the flavor of the drink.

Influence of colors Fanta


When you look at the internet, we can find multi colored websites like Shutterstock, Brandnewschool, Wokitokee and also simple page designs like Apple, NASA, and Freewrite.

influence of colors shutterstoc
influence of colors brandnewschool
influence of colors wokitokee
influence of colors apple
influence of colors NASA
influence of colors freewriter

We can analyze that the multi colors are used in websites for kids, food, pets, glamour or fashion and some blogs. And two or three colored websites are mostly professional and are corporate website. When we want to give our customers a trusted, reliable and assured feel, blue is the major color that plays the role. You can see PayPal and Paytm uses only blue, white as background and black for the texts.

It is your decision to decide whether you need a website with simple or multi colored one. And take the right choice of colors that makes the difference and stand out from the rest of all the websites found on internet. Because wrong colors can affect the view of the webpage and it may not achieve the purpose of creating the page. It is like test and trail method, try out different colors and check which is the better option for your website and then decide on the colors, keeping the target audience on mind.


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