The logo design concept for a Cake Shop called IceCream Birthday Cake
Shop. The brand study, focused on the Cake and Icecream. They basically
makes Icecream topping cakes.

Color Scheme

The Colors We have choose mainly Pink and Brown that indicates strawberry
and chocolate. So Pink is for strawberry Brown for chocolate Off white
is for Vanilla and yellow is for butterscotch Pink is color for love and of course
you spread love by buying cake for someone.


The Concept behind this logo is apparent, it is a cake shop and create ice cream cakes too that makes them unique so for cake we have put a top view cake form and for ice cream we have put a toppings on it that totally goes with it. So we have created this logo like stamp so that they can put their logo on cake box and other stationery.
The font we have used is Script mt bold which is cursive so that it will look sophisticated.