Few Factors Implemented For Designing Restaurant Website

Designing a website for shopping, company, news, blog can be easy but for restaurant, it is sometimes tricky as it relates to the tastes and foods of people. The design should either attract the visitor to their restaurant or to order the food from their website. We are going to see some common factors that help in designing the website’s for restaurants.
There are six factors that should be followed while designing restaurant websites. They are:

  • Photography
  • Simple Design/Interface
  • Easy and Clear Menu
  • Location, Hours of operation and Contact details
  • Social Network Connection
  • Online Reservation/ Order


This is the most important factor in restaurant website design. The brilliant and clear photography on the restaurant menus, interior and exterior view of the restaurant, bar stools, chef at work, and the crowd in restaurant, all add value to the restaurant’s website.

Pictures of Restaurant

Restaurant website should be colorful and attractive covering different menu and venue of the restaurant. As people want to know how the restaurant looks like, what are the new varieties of menu it has, these pictures can satisfy their search. The more pictures you have it gives a good view about the restaurant to the people or visitor.

Restaurant Menu Picture

Website with no or less photographs can make visitor to lose their interest and the appetite. So be very careful to have good quality pictures on your website.

Simple Design/Interface

Restaurant website design should be simple to navigate. Users can visit your webpage for so many reasons like checking the price, menu list, hours of operation (or working hours), location, contact number, view the feedbacks, history of the restaurant, looks of the restaurant, and etc.

User should not find it too difficult to get the information they need. It should be easy access with minimum number of links in the webpage. It is useless to keep on scrolling down and down or clicking the links to get the needed information. It’ll be frustrating to the user.

Simple Interface Design

The Mosaic restaurant, Sydney has the simple web design, with only five links and the image link has the overall view of the restaurant. The menu page has images of the food items that are displayed in the banner which makes us want to taste the different dishes.

Simple Design Interface

Yet another website, which I found easy to access, is Iberia Restaurante, Wairarapa, NZ. It has four links altogether. It is simple and is easy to access the needed information from its website.

Easy and Clear Menu

This is the second important factor in restaurant website design. It is all about how you display the dishes and other details in the webpage. Some restaurant uses the option to open the menu as PDF file, where some displays the menu in their links and some with images of the dishes. We can now see a few restaurants website’s menu page on how differently menus are displayed.

1. Sydney’s Mosaic restaurant

The menu page opens a PDF file of the menu card, which has the dish name, details and price of the dish, which is very useful for the user. It displays the main ingredients used in their dishes.

Mosaic restaurant sydney menu list

2. Iberia Restaurante

The Food menu link of Iberia Restaurante, it has five tabs All the breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Pizzas and Breads, and Sunday $10 – $15 Pizzas. It helps the user to navigate to their respective tab and view the menu -details. It also displays the main ingredients of the dishes in their menu.

Iberia menu

3. Ruby Tuesday

The menu link of the Ruby Tuesday has the image of the dish on the side of each dish. It makes it so colorful and also has the details of the food ingredients and the variation of choices you can make in the dish, etc. It also has an additional link that displays the nutritional value of the foods that is opened in a PDF file format.

Ruby Tuesday Menu
Ruby Tuesday Menu _2

4. The Bay House

The home page of The Bay House has the view of the restaurant and the menu is displayed in a simple way that it has the dish name and the number of servings and its price.

The Bay House Restaurant Home Page
The Bay House Restaurant Menu Page

5. Kuleto’s Italian Restaurant


Kuleto's Restaurant Menu Page

Kuleto’s homepage has a black and grey combination, and it has customer testimonial displayed on its page. The Menu is displayed in a simple way on the webpage, which has the dish name, ingredients and the price of the dishes.

Hours of operation and Contact Information

It is a must to display the restaurant operation and closing time, and also the holidays. Every user wants to know this information and will plan accordingly to visit your restaurant to taste their favourite dishes from your restaurant.

Restaurant Business Hours

It is best to have the contact information on the home page (top preferably), so the customer can view and call or book a table in advance.

Mosaic restaurant does not have a separate link for the contact page as it has the contact details like location and phone numbers at the top of the website.

Mosaic Contact

Laili restaurant has a link for the contact information. And when contact page is clicked, it displays the map, location, phone number and a contact form where you can ask or place your feedbacks and comments.

Laili Restaurant Contact

Now many websites has its contact information and hours of operation displayed at the end of every page. So it can be easy for the visitor to view the contact details at any page, needless to go and visit the contact page.

Social Network Connection

It is a must have option on your website. If you have social networks links like Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter, You tube, or Pinterest, in your website, you have an added advantage of having more visitors.

Social Network Connection

It creates a good feel to the customers that people actually visits, share pictures and they can view the customer comments online. It is best to have two or three social network accounts added to your website.

Kuleto's Contact Page

Online reservation/Order

Again this is optional and is not compulsory to have the online reservation. But it can make a difference when you have it on your website.  And again it depends on the business needs.

Visitors feel relaxed and can reserve a table from anywhere and anytime on their comfortable time. It is easy for them to book or order food online, when they cannot visit the restaurant, or want to taste your food from home.  It saves their time when they reserve a table, not making them to wait for the table on a busy day.

Kuleto's online reservation

In Kuleto’s, the reservation tab appears on the right side on the Menu link and makes it easy for the visitor to check the menu and reserve the table.  It has the option to select the date, time and the number of people.

Restaurant online reservation

Gordan Ramsay has a chain of Restaurants in London. It has the online reservation button at the bottom of the page as static menu bar which stays there even you browse through the website. It has the options like the name of the restaurant where you want to book your reservation, date, time and the number of people. It has an additional option to enquire if the group of people is large in number.


Designing the restaurant website is both complex and easy. It is all about where and how the content, pictures and other restaurant related details will be placed on the screen. Some points need to be followed while designing the restaurant website are brilliant images of menus, restaurant, adding social connection, simple interface, contact information and the color chosen for the design.

As these are the must haves of the restaurant website and it helps the best to get more visitors not only through online visit but actually makes people to visit the restaurant and taste the food. A good restaurant website should be a good appetizer.


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