Logo Case Study

The logo design concept for a Cake Shop called IceCream Birthday Cake Shop. The brand study, focused on the Cake and Icecream. They basically makes Icecream topping cakes. Color Scheme The Colors We have choose mainly Pink and Brown that indicates strawberry and... read more

Calculated Fields Form

It is a plugin with dynamic calculation and can be used in forms for easy calculation. It is helpful when your website needs to add one or more calculated fields, date calculators, booking cost calculators, finance calculators, fitness calculators, weight calculators,... read more

Points to Remmember while writing CSS

Foundation of beautiful website is the result of organized code. Good CSS exists with good HTML markup. For the speeding up of the process here are some points which are useful for shorter and faster CSS. • Use Shorthand Technique: The shorthand technique helps to... read more

Landing Page

Landing page is a web page which the user or visitor lands on or arrives on. The purpose of the landing page is to capture your visitors’ attention in contacting term, this is how in internet and advertising term Landing page is referred. This page generally arrives... read more

5 Key points of icon design

Icons play a vital role in defining user experience on the internet. Whether it’s a well looking website or it’s a mobile app, icons define and control user behavior to a great extent. A well designed and well placed icon on the user interface could help in making the... read more