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A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

— Antoine de Saint-Exupery



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Our team has extensive experience in WordPress. We have built many websites in WordPress for our clients. We have the capability to write custom plugin for your requirements if there is no plugin available in the market.

Looking for WordPress Expert Team?

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Looking for WordPress Expert Team?

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comma 2 OMG- Amazing. Job completed in a couple of days. The detailed emails I received with updates was out of this world. The knowledge and communication was above and beyond what I expected. I would be more than happy to recommend these guys and I will be doing so to friends with IT needs. I personally have built a relationship now and will be coming straight back here for my next projects. Dean Bentick, Inlighten Photography Sydney. inverted comma

— Dean Bentick, Director, Inlighten Photography, Sydney

comma 2 Great job! I will definitely use them again. inverted comma

— Cheri Carroll, Adhelper.biz, USA

comma 2 Great efforts, brilliant job, Look forward to working again together. Thanks inverted comma

— Moheeni Patel, Little Reflectionz Cards, U.K.

comma 2 Knowledge Shine team has provided me with excellent work for me. They have done a few jobs for me now and I am very happy with the results. To begin with they approache every job in a professional and methodical manner. Daily Skype call are an option (which I take up) to show progress, invite comments and clear any confusion for the work done and the work to be be done. Their enthusiasm show by being very competent and knowledgeable about their stuff, and offer advice how things should be done. Well done! inverted comma

— Nick Savva, Director: Educationzone Ltd., UK

comma 2 Everything about these guys is absolutely superb. Will definitely use again. inverted comma

— Ross McKay

comma 2 Sachin has done a great job for me and I will use him again on 2 more projects my recommendation cannot be higher excellent work excellent communication 5* all round I cannot thank him enough. inverted comma

— Mark, Business Components Ltd. U.K.


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To get your free Google reCAPTCHA V2 API keys, the only need a google account (a Gmail account). So, to be sure that you have Gmail account before going to the Google reCAPTCHA website. if you do not have Gmail account then first you create a new account, you can sign... read more

Logo Case Study

The logo design concept for a Cake Shop called IceCream Birthday Cake Shop. The brand study, focused on the Cake and Icecream. They basically makes Icecream topping cakes. Color Scheme The Colors We have choose mainly Pink and Brown that indicates strawberry and... read more

Calculated Fields Form

It is a plugin with dynamic calculation and can be used in forms for easy calculation. It is helpful when your website needs to add one or more calculated fields, date calculators, booking cost calculators, finance calculators, fitness calculators, weight calculators,... read more

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